Alaskans Expect Up to $3,487 in January Snap Benefits to Arrive in Five Days


Dec 27, 2023
Food Stamps: Four Significant Snap Changes Are Expected by 2024

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits will be distributed to each Alaskan household in five days.

Every household that participates in SNAP in Alaska receives payments on the first of the month, regardless of case number or last name. North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont are the other three states that make all of their payments on the first of the month. Households in Alaska are divided into three regions: urban, rural II, and rural I. The maximum monthly payment varies depending on the region.

The maximum payment for a single household that qualifies in the “Rural I” region is $477. Up to $1,591 can be given to a household of four, and up to $2,865 can be given to a household of eight. An additional person may receive up to $368.

The maximum payments for “Rural II” households are $581 for one person, $1,937 for four, and $3,487 for eight, plus an additional $436 for each member.

The maximum payment for households in the “urban” region will be $374 for a single household, $1,248 for a household of four, and $2,246 for a household of eight. The program adds up to $281 for each additional member after eight.

In Alaska, 92,100 people, or around 12% of the state’s total population, are on food stamps. In Alaska, the average monthly payment for each household member is $271.

All states and territories received higher SNAP benefit amounts as a result of the cost-of-living adjustments for the fiscal year 2024. Here is a list of amounts broken down by state.

Every month, SNAP benefits are added to an electronic benefits transfer card. In Alaska, the EBT card is referred to as the Alaska Quest Card. With food stamps, households are able to buy groceries, snacks, seeds, or plants, but not tobacco products, alcohol, vitamins, live animals, prepared foods, or any other nonfood household items.

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