Benefit Increases Are Anticipated for Dc Snap Participants. They Might Not Understand It


Dec 30, 2023
Snap: January 2024 Payment Dates and Amounts by State

The government was supposed to increase the benefits of D.C. residents who received assistance in purchasing groceries starting in 2024, but officials are unsure if that will happen.

The “Give SNAP a Raise” bill, approved by the D.C. Council in March, was designed to increase benefits for over 145,000 SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) recipients in the District by 10% from January to September.

The city’s surplus revenue provided the nearly $40 million needed for that increase, but Mayor Muriel Bowser is now unsure about how she wants to use that money.

“Should we provide a benefit that expires after nine months? Should we focus on something that can support a larger number of people instead? I asked the Council that question.

D.C.‘s Attorney General Brian Schwalb is also putting his foot down in the debate, stating that Bowser is required to use the funds as the council directed stating in an opinion, that the mayor “cannot unilaterally use them for another purpose.”

George posted the AG’s opinion on X, writing that “we need to stop balancing budgets on the backs of people who are suffering.”
Bowser’s administration retaliated by citing staffing and budgetary limitations.

The bill’s sponsor, Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese Lewis George, issued a statement urging Bowser to accept the assistance. She noted that the federal government reports that D.C. has the lowest SNAP application processing rate in the country.

According to George, “the District has even received warnings from the US Department of Agriculture that if its application processing does not improve, its federal SNAP benefits may be suspended.” “Crisis grips our social safety net.”

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Attorney General Brian Schwalb of D.C. is also pressing the issue, asserting in a statement that Bowser must use the funds as the council instructed and that the mayor “cannot unilaterally use them for another purpose.

George stated that “we need to stop balancing budgets on the backs of people who are suffering” when he posted the AG’s viewpoint on X.

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