In 2024, Social Security Will Undergo a Significant Transformation That Will Affect You Even if You Do Not Receive Benefits.


Dec 31, 2023
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Social Security has been around for a while. Thus, one might assume that the rules of the program have always been the same.

In actuality, though, Social Security is subject to annual adjustments depending on things like inflation and wage growth. And a few of those modifications might have a significant effect on seniors.

For instance, Social Security recipients’ monthly benefits will increase by 3.2% in the upcoming year. Even though that increase isn’t as significant as it was in 2023, it’s still a sizable increase by Social Security standards.

In addition, seniors who work and receive Social Security benefits before reaching full retirement age in 2024 will have the option to increase their income without affecting their benefits.

To keep busy and make ends meet, a lot of retirees choose to work in some capacity. Those who are in that boat now have more flexibility.

However, there will be another significant change to Social Security starting in 2024 that will affect higher-paid workers. And you’ll need to prepare for that change if you fit that description.

Get Ready to Pay Additional Taxes

The majority of Social Security’s funding comes from payroll taxes. Additionally, a wage cap that determines the amount of earnings subject to Social Security taxes is implemented annually.

The good news is that if you’re a salaried employee, you won’t be responsible for covering the full increase on your own. Instead, you and your employer will get to split it. If you work for yourself, though, you will be responsible for paying that increase on your own.

A Flawed Framework

Because it might enable extremely high earners to avoid paying Social Security taxes on all or a small portion of their income, many argue that imposing a wage cap for tax purposes is unfair.

Consider a person who makes $2 million annually. That person’s Social Security tax payment represents less than ten percent of their total income.

In other words, suppose that in 2024 you make $168,600 and your neighbor makes $500,000. Your share of Social Security taxes will remain the same even though their income is three times higher than yours. You should be aware, though, that although wages over the annual cap are not subject to Social Security taxes, they are also not taken into account when determining benefits. That somewhat balances things out.

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Naturally, some legislators are advocating for a significant increase in the Social Security tax wage cap. Some advocate for its total elimination. Such kind of changes could lead to a higher Social Security tax burden. Given that, paying taxes on an extra $8,400 in income might not seem like a big deal, particularly if you collaborate with your accountant to minimize the impact and make advance plans.

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