Investment Funds Help the Dominican Republic’s Economy Grow and Create Jobs


Dec 28, 2023
Investment Funds Help the Dominican Republic's Economy Grow and Create Jobs

Santo Domingo.- The substantial influence that investment funds have on the nation’s economy and labor market has been emphasized by the Dominican Association of Investment Fund Administrators (ADOSAFI). As of June of this year, over 30,000 employment opportunities10,515 direct jobs and 19,569 indirect jobs—had been generated by these funds. This significant contribution to employment growth highlights the critical role that investment funds play in promoting stability and growth in the economy.

According to ADOSAFI, investment funds had contributed USD 1.7 billion to the productive sector by June of this year. The fact that this investment represents 1.6% of the GDP of the Dominican Republic highlights the significant contribution that these funds make to the country’s economy.

The executive president of ADASAFI, Santiago Sicard, highlighted the various advantages of investment funds. Sicard claims that these funds produce wealth for the community at large by creating jobs and giving families steady sources of income in addition to yielding returns for investors. This strategy is in line with creating a more powerful and affluent country.

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The $1,705 million investment has gone toward 131 projects encompassing 14 distinct categories of profitable endeavors. These initiatives cover a broad range of industries, such as real estate and construction, tourism, renewable energy, industrial parks and free zones, health, and other fields essential to Dominican life.

Pension funds and other investors are becoming more and more interested in initiatives that advance the development and welfare of the nation’s citizens. ADOSAFI is still dedicated to keeping an eye on and disclosing the beneficial effects of these investments while maintaining accountability and openness.

The Dominican Republic’s stock market and investment fund expansion is altering the investment landscape by enabling pension savings to be allocated to profitable, forward-looking ventures. Additionally, these investments pay off quickly and visibly, allowing more people to participate in initiatives and events that were previously exclusive to a small group of people. This change represents a substantial step forward for the general development of the Dominican Republic as well as the workforce’s economic empowerment.

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