Is Licance Important to Ride a Electric Scooter in India?


Jan 11, 2024
Is Licance Important to Ride a Electric Scooter in India?

In the last few years, electric scooters have undergone significant changes. In addition to being visually arresting, the latest models of electric scooters have a significantly longer riding range than their predecessors.

Thus, it is not shocking that an increasing number of people are gradually transitioning to using electric scooters. Additionally, the government has decided to permit teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 to ride electric scooters to increase public acceptance of these vehicles. Does operating an electric scooter require a license?

Underage driving is a significant problem in the majority of Indian cities. Riding bikes and scooters is common among students attending college or attending school. Many of them ride carelessly, making it difficult for other drivers to pass them. but for themselves, above all. The government has come up with a strategy to combat both while maintaining the safety of minors and other car owners on the road.

The Indian Law Governing the Use of Electric Two-wheelers

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988’s L1 category has been modified by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Teens between the ages of 16 and 18 are now permitted to ride in electric vehicles, per the new regulations. The following requirements must be fulfilled by the cars.

1. The vehicle’s battery must have a maximum capacity of 4 kilowatts.

2. The car has to be limited to a top speed of 70 mph.

3. The license plate on the car needs to be green.

4. Teens are limited to engines with a 50cc capacity.

5. Still, this raises the fundamental question of whether or not a license is required to operate an electric scooter.

The short response is no. That used to be possible, but it’s not the case anymore. Following the amendment, a license is required to operate an electric scooter. Teens who want to ride electric vehicles must pass a test before they can get a license.

Teenagers’ Electric Scooter Purchases Have Advantages

Teens can benefit greatly from being able to ride electric scooters, and there are many advantages as well. The most well-known ones are listed below.

1. One major benefit is that teens will learn traffic laws and regulations at a young age. They will gain firsthand, safe knowledge of traffic laws as they begin to ride electric scooters.

2. Making the switch to electric scooters is a more noticeable way to help the environment. Teens will be able to go to class without contributing more to the carbon footprint. They’ll be able to commute without experiencing range anxiety thanks to the reasonable range of the more recent scooter models.

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3. The process of operating an electric scooter isn’t very difficult. The bikes allow for shorter learning curves and require less control. Teenagers can obtain an electric scooter license by passing a brief exam.

4. The large number of manufacturers in the market is not surprising, given the government’s strong support for the electrification of automobiles. In short, this lets teenagers select from a variety of electronic scooters whenever it’s convenient for them.

 The fact that teenagers are spared from having to visit fuel bunks is the biggest advantage. They’ll save money and, more importantly, time because they can charge the scooter right at home. Consequently, parents don’t have to worry about hefty fuel bills every month.

Purchasing Insurance for Bikes and Electric Scooters

Teenagers or anyone else using an electric scooter needs insurance, just like drivers of other vehicles in the nation. You are not allowed to ride on public roads without 2 WHEELER INSURANCE, according to the law. But purchasing insurance for the scooter involves more than just adhering to the law. Here are a few compelling arguments for purchasing one.

1. The insurance will guarantee that you are financially secure in the event of any unanticipated circumstances. If any accidents cause damage to the bike, the policy will cover it.

2. Purchasing the policy will guarantee that you do not have to pay the traffic police department any hefty fines. Furthermore, fines of up to Rs. 4,000 are possible.

3. As insurance firms do not need to hire advisors for these services, purchasing an electric scooter policy online can result in cost savings.

4. If you choose your damage or comprehensive plan for your electric scooter, you can use riders to supplement the coverage even more. Long term, you stand to gain by paying a small premium.

Above all, the plan will ensure that you own your electric scooter without any hassles.

You should also take into account the fact that some electric scooters can be rather expensive. Therefore, you would also lose out on any repairs. Your policy will protect you from these costs.

In summary

Teenagers who choose electric scooters can do so with great reason. It would enable them to be responsible in addition to independent. Additionally, their experience driving an electric car will help them learn traffic laws. For electric vehicles, it is crucial to choose THIRD PARTY BIKE INSURANCE because it can shield the bike’s owner from monetary obligations in the case of an accident. Notice: This material is meant to be illustrative only. Before wrapping up the sales, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus for more information.

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